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  • Gorgeous! If you're here, you gotta go! Free to get in and hike. There's a road that circles around that let's u see pretty much everything. Some places (like Siamese Twins) require a short hike. Welcome center has a ton of info. There's also guided horse and jeep tours (for a price). There IS a free guided walking tour (tip the guy, will ya). Staff at the welcome ctr can tell u when and where. All the trails are on Google maps, but cellular data is weak so download it before you get to the park. (Google it if u don't know about offline maps...) There are bathrooms spread out in the park, but parking areas are small and fill up. You might have to drive around a few times to find someone leaving. Bring water, sunscreen, hats, and definitely a camera! Climbing is not allowed without a permit, although there were plenty of "rule breakers" getting in the way of the perfect picture... We spent about 4 hours and loved every minute, but if u are pressed for time u can drive around and use the pull-offs to grab a few quick shots.
    By John Balance, March 27, 2018
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Miserable experience. We contacted La Petite Academy about care for our toddler. We were connected to some sort of customer service center, the main purpose of which is to schedule tours at the center. The call center scheduled a tour for us, gave the approximate tuition cost, and told us that it looked like the center had availability. When we arrived for the tour, it took at least 3 minutes for someone to open the front door for us. When we said we were there for a tour, the (unidentified) employee expressed no knowledge of our appointment. Instead, she said that the center did not have any availability for toddlers and would not likely have any availability in the foreseeable future. She implied that our touring the center would be a waste of time. We left, knowing that our looking into La Petite Academy in the first place was a mistake.
    By Daniel Miller, March 26, 2018
  • My kids have thrived at Rocky Mountain Montessori Academy. We have had to move a couple of times in recent years, and we have been in four Montessori schools in three states. We are very happy that Rocky Mountain Montessori Academy is a true Montessori school and not Montessori in name only. The teachers and staff are friendly and professional and set an excellent example for the children in the classrooms. The other children are well behaved and friendly, and the community of parents is also very relaxed and welcoming. I give this school my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a Montessori school. For those who are interested in learning more about Montessori, I encourage you to try it out and learn about how you can extend the Montessori environment to your home. In time, you will begin to see your child flourish.
    By Oliver Shaw, March 25, 2018
  • Leo Marx is the BEST! I personally had very good experiences with this team of people. I moved to Colorado Springs 2 years ago, and Leo set us up with a rental home. I had not seen the house before we moved and we lucked out! What a great house. The staff there was very helpful and friendly. Then fast forward two years, and were ready to move out and buy a home in Colorado Springs. We used Leo as a Realtor (Yes he does that too), and again I don't have enough good things to say. The most simple straight forward closing ever! Leo found all the kinks before closing day and everything got worked out before hand. We love our new home but will miss our old rental home. Thanks Leo for making our living situation so awesome in the springs!
    By Curtis Riddle, March 23, 2018

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